1. Does Mastercard or Visa card work in Iran?
Because of sanctions against Iran, Iran is not joined with the worldwide banking system. So your Mastercard or Visa card doesn't work in Iran. You don't need to worry about carrying cash, We offer inTravel Card which is an Iranian Prepaid Travel Card for tourists. inTravel Card is a great alternative to your Master Card.
2. Who will issue inTravel Card?
Saina KnowledgeWare LTD. is providing you the inTravel Card and all the supports. This card is issued by our trusted Bank partner.
3. For how long inTravel Card is valid?
inTravel Card is valid for 12 months.
4. How long it takes to issue inTravel Card?
Usually, it takes 2 working days at most (Thursdays and Fridays are weekends) but sometimes it takes three hours to issue the card . Make sure you order your inTravel Card two days before you arrive at your hotel in Iran.
5. Where I can get the inTravel Card?
We will deliver your inTravel Card to your hotel/ hostel or airport at your arrival. you can specify your desired location to receive the inTravel Card.
6. How to load money into the inTravel card?
When you are ordering the inTravel Card, you will be asked for the amount of foreign currency that you want to change to Iranian Rials and we exchange your currency to Iranian currency. Then we issue your card and load money into it. You can recharge your card by contacting us 24/7. You can do this by online funds transfer or pay in cash at your hotel.
7. What is difference between gift card and inTravel card ?
You can not have more than 5,000,000 IRR balance in your gift card which will not be enough for one day but with inTravel Card, you can have up to 700,000,000 IRR. the gift cards are not issued on your name but inTravel Card is issued to your name.
8. Is there any charge for canceling my order?
No, there is no cancellation fee. We only charge you when we deliver the in Travel Card to you. So you can easily cancel your order on your profile.
9. How should i pay for the inTravel Card?
You can either pay in cash at your hotel or online Transfer funds. The exchange rate will be calculated based on the black market rate which is 4 times than the official rate (so don't change your money at the airports or Banks).
10. How much it costs to order the inTravel Card?
It costs only 15.99 Euros (or equivalent in your currency) which includes tax, shipping, issuing, and all other legal costs. There is no other hidden fees or sub charges at ATM or online payments. However, based on Banking system rules and regulations in Iran when you check your card balance you will be charged 5000 IRR which will be paid to the bank, not our company.
11. Do I recieve interest on the fund that I loaded on my inTravel card?
No, because this card is not attached to any bank account. so you don't receive any interest. This is an Iranian Prepaid Travel Card
12. Is there any limit to use my in Travel Card?
No there is no limit on online purchases, grocery purchases but because of security reasons in nationalwide, you can't withdraw more than 2,000,000 IRR from ATMs daily.
13. Does inTravel Card have PIN code?
Yes, in order to use the inTravel Card and make a purchase, you must have a PIN code. PIN is usually 4-digit number which you will be asked when you make a purchase.
14. How do I get my PIN?
Your PIN will be delivered to you in a closed envelope because of security reason. If you receive an open envelop do not accept the card and contact us immediately.
15. How can I shop online from Iranian websites?
You can get your second PIN from an ATM, then you can shop online or pay for TAB30 or Snapp ( they are online tax services like Uber and lyft). Also, you can transfer money to anyone with your phone or the internet. The detailed instruction about getting the second PIN will be sent to you with inTravel Card.
16. How I can change my PIN?
You can easily reach to an ATM and choose English as your language and change your PIN.( we recommend you to change your PIN after we deliver the card to you.
17. Will I get refund on the remaining balance in my card?
Yes, you can request a refund using our web site or call/message on WhatsApp. The remaining balance in your card will be delivered in cash to your hotel/hostel in the original currency you have loaded on your inTravel Card. Or you can request an online fund transfer using PayPal. (you can request to get your refund in different currency but you have to ask us first day we deliver inTravel Card to you or one working day before you request a refund.
18. How can I request for a refund for remaining balance in my inTravel card?
You can go to your profile and sumbit your request in just one click.
19. What is included in the package?
You receive inTravel card, closed envelop with your PIN code, our brochure, and instructions on how to use the card, your receipt, a free token for accessing public transformations. The inTravel card will be issued on your name.
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