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May 21, 2019
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Why Master Card or Credit Cards are not accepted in Iran

The only major issue that tourists are going to face is the cash problem. Master Card in Iran is not accepted nor Credit card/ Visa Card or any other debit cards. Forget about your Master Card or Credit Card, you need a travel card for Iran to make purchases.

master card in iran

Iran is a cash country

Iran is a cash country especially for tourists  who visit Iran. Due to US sanctions against Iran, tourists can’t find any international bank in Iran. In order to use your Credit Card or Visa/Master Card in Iran, Iran has to join the international banking system. But Iran is not allowed through US sanction. In general, this sanction forbids any US dollar transaction to Iran.

master card in Iran

Unfortunately, your only option is to carry cash in Iran. In the opposite way when Iranian travel around the world, they have a big problem with this credit card issue. They can not use any Credit Card or Visa Card anywhere so they carry cash during their trip.

Money transfer in Iran

It is so hard to transfer any money to Iran or transfer money from Iran to other countries. The best solution to this problem is an Iranian Prepaid Travel Card which is designed for tourists who visit Iran.

Two solutions while Master Card and Credit Card /Visa Card won’t work in Iran

While other countries are not so welcome to Iranians when it comes to sanctions, Iran wants to make better time for tourists and anyone who visits Iran. So if you want to use your Credit Card or Master Card/Visa Card in Iran, you have two options:

Get a gift card in Iran

Get a gift card from bank kiosk and you can use it for shopping groceries, restaurant, online or even withdraw cash from ATMs. But gift cards have a limitation which is, you can’t load more than 500,000 Iranian rials in it.
In Iran this is not a lot of money, it’s about 40$ which covers at most 2 days of your trip for 2 people if you are on an economic budget.

Master card in Iran

I will explain more about pricing and your costs based on your budget in this article and you’ll understand that this is not a lot of money.

Use an Iranian Prepaid Travel Card

You can use inTravel Card instant of your Credit Card or Master Card. The inTravel Card is an Iranian prepaid Travelcard which covers your payments in Iran. This is a local debit card that is issued by our trusted bank.  which you can use to shop at groceries, restaurants, POS, online even you can withdraw cash from ATMs.

The inTravel Card works the same as Visa Card or MasterCard. This card is joined with a nationwide banking system known as Shetab, so this Iranian Prepaid Travel Card works all over Iran.

The inTravel Card is a Prepaid Travel card which issued to tourists. In order to make a better time for you when you travel to Iran and give you a better experience about your cash safety and other problem, inTravel card agreed on a partnership with different banks to issue a special travel card for tourists while they are not able to use their credit cards or Master Card in Iran.

Iranian prepaid Travel Card

You can access all information about the inTravelCard and its pricing in here.

More about us

We as inTravelCard are a non-financial and financial service company. inTravelCard company tries its best to help every tourist in Iran to have a better time during his stay in Iran. We provide prepaid travel card and updated information about Iran sights, Iran currency, budget planing, Iran visa or anything that makes your trip easier.


  1. Sara says:

    Excuse me
    You mean my master card or visa card doesnt work in Iran?

    • inTravelCard says:

      No, The Master Card and visa Card doesn’t work in Iran. because of sanctions your bank or any other international bank don’t have any connections with Iran.You have to carry cash if you want to visit Iran or get our Prepaid Travel Card for your trip. you can load your money with great exchange rate into the card and shop like locals. You can get refund your remaining balance of the card in your original currency at any time. read more here

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