As a new startup in the tourism industry, we are looking for problems that tourists face in Iran. Our team and company try to find the best solution for these problems. We want to make your trip to Iran easier and safer

We have a solution

carrying cash is hard and risky !

Every time we travel to another country, we face many problems. we don't know where to go, where to start, which restaurants to go to, how much money do we need, what is the best tour guide, how to travel alone; but we have a big problem which is money problem.

We have to carry cash all the time, we can't pay uber driver online, we can't withdraw cash from ATM because we don't have a master card or credit card. We have to look for exchange offices all the time. If we lose our money, we are in big problem.

Make purchases in Iran without Master card

We offer an Iranian prepaid debit card for tourists who visit Iran; we call it intravel card. Intravel card functions as same as the master card in your home country. We want to help you to organize your trip to iran, so you won't face the same problems as us.

inTravel Card is an Iranian Prepaid Travel Card that will be issued to tourist's name. Foreign currency can be loaded into it and will be exchanged to Iranian Rials. You can make purchases in-store and online websites. Also, you can withdraw cash from ATMs all over Iran.

We try to provide an online platform for learning more about Iran, buying necessary items that tourists need while visiting Iran.




accepted cities

+1 (646) 349 9167

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intravel card works good like a card should

Our goal

our only goal is to welcome anyone who visits iran and make their trip easy and unforgettable.we try our best to make our customers satisfied.

Our vision

We have teamed up with talented people to make an online platform for everyone who wants to visit iran. In this platform we try to reduce your problems while visiting iran such as translation, finance, shopping, transportation, budget planning, travel insurance, cultural guide in one place.

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