Frequently Asked Questions

Does MasterCard or Visa Cardwork in Iran?

MasterCard  or Visa card doesn't work in Iran due sanctions against Iran. You can use IntravelCard as an alternative to your MasterCard in Iran. IntravelCard is a prepaid travel card for tourists who visit Iran.

Can I use my Debit Card in Iran?

You can not use your debit card in Iran. Due to sanctions against Iran and forbidden SWIFT transaction from/to Iran, your debit card or MasterCard can not be used in Iran

Does PayPal work in Iran?

PayPal is not working in Iran same as MasterCard and Visa Card. PayPal can not provide services to Iran and Iranian due sanctions against Iran. You can use IntravelCard which is a great substitute of PayPal in Iran.

What is IntravelCard?

IntravelCard is an Iranian prepaid debit card for travelers who visit Iran. You can add money to IntravelCard at high exchange rate and shop like locals in Iran. At the end of your trip, you can request your remaining balance of the card in your original currency.

Is Visa Card accepted in Iran?

No. Visa Card is not accepted in Iran. Even MasterCard or any other debit card is not accepted in Iran. You can use an Iran tourist card like IntravelCard.

What is Iran debit card?

Iran debit card is a prepaid travel card for tourists who visit Iran. IntravelCard is an Iran debit card which is a great alternative to MasterCard

Which card are they using in Iran?

Iranian use Local debit Cards because MasterCard and Visa card doesn't work in Iran. A great alternative for tourists who visit Iran is IntravelCard, so they can shop like locals.

Does Iran have credit cards?

Iran doesn't have any credit cards or MasterCard and any other debit cards. Tourists must use Iranian debit cards like IntravelCard in order to use advantages of credit cards.

Can I use my Credit Card in Iran?

No, you can't use your credit card in Iran or any other card from your local home.

Who will issue IntravelCard?

Saina KnowledgeWare LTD. is providing you the IntravelCard and all the supports. This card is issued by our Iranian  trusted Bank partner.

For how long IntravelCard is valid?

IntravelCard is valid for 3-12 months.

How long it takes to issue IntravelCard?tle
How can I buy IntravelCard?

You can order IntravelCard through our website or contact us via WhatsApp or email.

Where I can get the IntravelCard?
How to top up IntravelCard?

You can top up your account via Bitcoin/Cash or PayPal. When you are ordering the IntravelCard, you will be asked for the amount of foreign currency that you want to change to Iranian Rials and we exchange your currency to Iranian currency. Then we issue your card and load money into it. You can recharge your card by contacting us 24/7. 

What is the difference between gift card and IntravelCard?

You can not have more than 5,000,000 IRR balance in your gift card which will not be enough for one day but with IntravelCard, you can have up to 700,000,000 IRR. The gift cards are not issued on your name and you have to purchase them at the banks but IntravelCard is issued to your name and is going to be delivered to you.

Is there any charge for canceling my order?
How much it costs to order the IntravelCard?le
How do you calculate exchange rate?

The exchange rate will be calculated based on the black market rate which is 4 times than the official rate (so don't change your money at the airports or Banks). You can access our exchange rate in your profile.

Do I recieve interest on the fund that I loaded on my IntravelCard?
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Does IntravelCard have PIN code?
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Will I get refund on the remaining balance of my card?
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