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Despite of absence of Credit Cards and MasterCard in Iran because of sanctions, we have made easier and safer for traveler to carry cash in Iran. You can easily load your original currency to Iran tourist Card called “IntravelCard” through our website and we will transfer it to Iranian Rials. IntravelCard works just like MasterCard in your home country, so you won’t feel absence of MasterCard. IntravelCard is country wide accepted in Iran. You can make purchases at stores and online websites in Iran.

Prepaid Travel Card for tourists in Iran
Iran tourist debit Card

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Iran tourist card

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Iran tourist Card

COMPARE US Unbelievable Fees

Card Fees Cost
Card Issuance
15.99 $
Charging Fee
ATM Withdrawal
Card Replacement
Card Delivery
Online Payment

So Get IntravelCard

IntravelCard is a great solution for those who do not wish to carry cash in Iran. IntravelCard is issued by our partner bank under the Iranian Central Bank regulations. It is accepted everywhere in Iran and your key to have a good trip to Iran.

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