Iran tourist debit card

Iran tourist debit card

Despite of absence of Credit Cards and Master Cards in Iran because of sanctions, we have made easier and safer for traveler to carry cash in Iran. you can easily load your original currency to inTravelCard through our website and we will transfer it to Iranian Rials. inTravel Card works just like Master Card in your home country, so you won’t feel absence of Master Card. inTravel card is country wide accepted in Iran. You can make purchases at stores and online websites in Iran.
* Iran tourist debit card (inTravel Card) is accepted in every city in Iran.
* It is issued in your name
* Accepted in local shops
* Pay for online stores
* Pay for online taxi services
* We exchange your money at great rate (24/7). Usually it is 4 times greater than official rate.
* You can withdraw cash from ATM anywhere in Iran without any commission fee.
* You don't get confused for counting Iranian money.
* It is faster than paying in cash.
* Check your balance or transaction history via text messages or mobile App.
*Contact us on WhatsApp or Instagram to know about exchange rates

* It is safer than carrying cash

* If Iran tourist debit card (inTravel Card) is stolen or lost, you wont lose your money. You can request a new card immediately.

* It is protected by a pass code.

* You choose your own pass code for the Card.

* Get the remaining balance of the card in your original currency at the end of your trip.

* No Commission fee or any hidden fee.(one time payment only)

* Pay for the service fee when the inTravel Card is delivered to you at your hotel or airport.

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