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Iran safety and everything you need to know about!

Iran safety , Iran a safe country

Iran tourism is one of the most attractive choices when it comes to the middle east. Iran safety is one of the traveler’s concerns. For tourists who want to explore new adventures and different cultures, a country with all the natural beauties like mountain, deserts, sea, beach with all different weathers. Definitely, Iran is the best place to visit.

But the first question comes to tourist’s mind is about Iran safety. After reading this article you will answer this question on your own.

What you don’t know about Iran safety?

Iran safety

In order to know about Iran safety,  you have to forget all about the biased media and propaganda against Iran. Iran safety is one of the most important things for every country in the middle east region because of its geographic location.

Iran is neighbor with Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria. Iran’s military expenditure is estimated at US$19.6 billion in 2018 so Iran will do anything to ensure the safety and security of Iranian citizens and foreign tourists.

Iran safety and its police force

Armed forces of Iran include the Army(artesh), the Revolutionary Guard Corps(Sepāh) and the Law Enforcement Force (Police) which makes Iran a safe country. In the last decade where ISIS attacked different countries in Europe, the middle east and the United States of America, Iran was well protected by its army.

Terrorist attacks in Iran

If you compare terrorist attacks in Iran and other countries, you see Iran is a safe place to visit. ISIS could only arrange just one attack against Iran which happened at the Iranian Parliament in June 2017.  If you visit Iran you will see there is no war in this country and everything is very peaceful.

What makes Iran a safe place for foreign tourist to visit?

fam trip iran tourism safety

Iranian culture is the most attractive thing for a tourist. Being hospitable and kind to the guests is playing the most important role in Iranian culture. Regardless of political issues that Iran has with some country; the people of Iran are very kind to the foreign tourist no matter where they come from.


If you get lost or need any help, people will do anything to make a better time for you. If you go to a small city or village and you don’t have a place to stay, the people will invite you to their house and make you comfortable like your own house.

When I lived in the US, some technician came to my house to set up my internet connection. While he was working my father was bringing him some tea and biscuits.  He was so surprised about his hospitality but don’t get surprised this is Iranian culture that we are so proud of.

So I’m going to answer this question “ is Iran safe?
yes, it is a very safe place to visit.

Robbery in Iran

I’m not going to guarantee there is no robbery in Iran. Like other countries Iran has criminal activity too but believe it or not even the thieves will treat tourist very well and they try not to ruin your time here. However, I recommend you to be cautious about your pocket and backpacks in every country you visit not just Iran.

If you don’t want to carry your money all the time and feel safer, just use an Iranian prepaid travel card. You can use inTravel Card for your everyday purchases, so you no longer have to carry cash and be worry about it. Every men and woman in Iran love their guests and tourists with any nationality, so the last thing you need to worry about is Iran safety.

Iran is a safe place to visit

iran tourism safety

Tourism police are police officers who ensure tourists the safety they need when visiting a place. This police have the duty for helping, guiding, bringing safety and security for the tourists. If tourists have any complaints, these police officers have the duty to help tourists out.

These officers are well-known English spoken. Usually, you can find them in cities like Esfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad. When we talk about Iran safety, we talk about different programs that Iran ensures its citizens and foreign guests.


Every country has its own laws and regulations. Everybody needs to respect those laws in order to live or visit a country. So make sure you respect Iranian laws. If you are a tourist and do something illegal without knowing it, you won’t get into any trouble. So as long as you obey the rules you will be safe in Iran.

According to world bank data, Iran has over 4 million tourists per year (2018). If they don’t feel safe in Iran, this number would not be this huge despite this amount of propaganda against Iran.

If you’re reading this article, it means you plan to travel to Iran safely but this propaganda has affected your minds. Iran Travel guide helps you out to fully understand about Iran safety and adventures.

There is some quick advice about Iran safety

Iran’s border areas

stay away from Iran’s border areas, the border with Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan to ensure your safety. Those areas are close to Taliban, ISIS and terrorist attacks so it’s so dangerous. However, Iran’s military is defending Iran’s border and ensures Iran safety.


So those terrorists can’t get to Iran’s territory and you are safe. Border areas have no beauty or attractive thing to watch. Try to spend your time effectively because of Iran’s natural landscapes and beauties are a lot to discover.


  • Excuse me is iran really safe place to visit? Because everyone including my family and friends telling me not to go iran. Everyone are questioning iran safety. i love to see Iran

    • despite of all biased media against Iran safety, Iran is very safe place. We try to show how Iran is beautiful and safe to visit in our website and social media everyday.

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