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Skiing in Iran

Iran ski resorts: Iran is a vast land, and every corner of it has different weather conditions. Some of its desert and dry areas are wet and moderate, and some mountainous. The existence of two high mountains of Alborz and Zagros and its high peaks have been covered by snow in many days of the year. This is why skiing in Iran is a tourist attraction.

This has created great conditions for enthusiasts of thrilling skiing. The Iranian ski resorts each year host a large number of skiing enthusiasts who come to the area from various cities to entertain. Come along with the IntravelCard to introduce Iran ski resorts briefly.

Iran ski resorts: Tochal ski resort

Tochal ski resort

The resort area has three different tracks. The first track starts at a height of 3850 meters and continues until the hotel is located at an altitude of 3550. In fact, the track length is 1200 meters. The facilities of this complex can be traced to the ski chairlift. Of course, to reach all the complexes of the resort, you can use the resort’s Gondola lifts. This track is one of the first ski skis in Iran, which is covered with snow and can be used from mid-autumn.

Iran ski resorts: DarbandSar Ski resort

DarbandSar Ski resort

This Iran ski resort is one of the only ski tracks in Iran that has the snow machine. This Iran ski resort has hosted the International Ski Association for several occasions. This complex has chairlift, Gondola lifts, restaurants and ski schools.

Skiing in Iran: Ab-Ali Ski resort

Ab Ali Ski resort

Ab-Ali is the oldest ski resort in Iran, located in Tehran province. The complex has five ski resorts, all equipped with Gondola lifts and chairlift. There are other facilities like tennis, horse riding, jumping kite, hotel, restaurant, and medical assistance.

Skiing in Iran: Shemshak Ski Resort

Shemshak Ski Resort

The Shemshak ski resort is 57 km from the north-east of Tehran. The Shemshak ski resort is located in Shemiran city. Its height varies from 3050 meters to 2550 meters. This ski resort is one of the international ski resorts in Iran, with Gondola lifts, chairlift, and floodlights. The yellow spotlights make it possible to ski after darkening the air. The facilities include two hotels and four restaurants. It is usually open early December until mid-April.

Ski resorts of Iran: Dizin ski resort

 Dizin ski resort

Dizin can be considered the most important ski resort in Iran and the Middle East. It is located in the city of Karaj, Alborz province. Among the ski resorts in Iran, the first one to be recognized and to host the International Championships was the Dizin Ski Resort.

The Dizin has 23 resorts and features a variety of Gondola lifts, chairlift, and grass ski resort. There is a 7.5-kilometer ski slope in Dizin, varying from 3600 meters to 2650 meters. Dizin ski resorts open from early December to late May.

In the summer, the Dizin Ski Resort is also very nice for hiking, and there is a possibility to ski on the lawn. Other attractions of the complex during the summer are mountain biking, archery, kite riding and enjoying its wonderful nature.

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Alvares ski resort

This ski resort is located in the ski slopes of Iran on the high hillside of Sabalan, 12 km from Alvares village and 24 km from Sarein. Since it is 3200 m above sea level, it is full of snow during autumn and winter. It is open about Six to eight months of the year. There are also facilities for lifting the mountains, such as elevators and tracers.

Puladkaf ski resort

Puladkaf ski resort

This ski resort is the second largest international ski resort in Iran and is located in Sepidan, 85 km from Shiraz. Puladkaf is accessible in four seasons of the year. It is 2850 meters above sea level. The facilities of the complex include a Gondola lifts, chairlift, restaurant, fast food, coffee shop, guest house, hotel, snowmobiles, mountain cars, smart wheels, horseback riding, cycling, skiing shops, and the ski school.

Chelgard ski resort

iran Chelgard ski resort

In Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province and in Koohrang province, we witness one of the best ski resorts in Iran. The most famous ski resorts in Zagros in Iran, which is very old and built in 1975. This ski resort is located next to the Koohrang tunnel on the eastern side of the mountain, with a length of 800 meters and a 20 percent gradient. The advantage of this ski resort is that it is sunny on most days and offers amenities and services such as accommodation, car parking, a local souvenir shop, and a ski rental store.

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